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SJ Soluções is a business consulting firm, which differs by providing advisory services customized to its customers, knowing their processes and management approach, facilitating the implementation of actions to improve its operating results and management, taking into account costs and benefits.

Since its foundation in 2007, SJ Soluções has helped national and multinational companies to improve their results and achieve their strategic objectives.

SJ Soluções has professionals with solid experience in executive functions, management and consulting firms, and are prepared to provide services and solutions differentiated, with quality and professional ethcs.


Always focus on customer satisfaction, providing effective solutions and services, ensuring the growth and perpetuity of the company.


Reference in the market by offering services and business solutions tailored to their customers..


Customers: Provide quality services, respecting the deadlines established while maintaining a great and permanent relationship with its customers, assisting them in an ethical, professional and dynamic way.

Partners and Colaborators: Maintain healthy relationship, loyalty and trust, providing fair remuneration and training, enabling them to serve its customers with excellence.

Partnerships: Valuing the partnerships, keeping with them a degree of respect and transparency in order to create conditions for mutual benefit in business and relationships, which should be carried out ethically and professionally.

Society: Have social attitudes to cooperate with the society goals, participating in social events designed to promote quality of life, assistance to disadvantaged, regardless the ethnic or creed and the commitment to preserve the environment.